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UESHIMA SEISAKUSHO produces original and unique equipment and testing machines developed based on its unique idea and advanced technology. Its products are accepted by customers in Asia and the other regions of the world. Based on the wealth of experience, advanced design and manufacturing technology, and development capabilities, whole process from planning, design and production to the final inspection is done in its own factory. The abundant product lineup includes physical test equipment, extreme low-temperature chiller and fluid control components.


As a long-standing and leading manufacturer of testing equipment for high-polymer materials, UESHIMA SEISAKUSHO produces testing equipment covering a wide range of uses in relation to rubber and plastics. For these, our company is highly acclaimed by customers worldwide. Above all, in terms of processing properties, dynamic properties, and dynamic durability, we have adopted many new technologies and have delivered many products having outstanding features. In recent years, due to the needs of increasing the value added of industrial products, shortening the time for product development, and cutting costs, we have been devoting much of our efforts not only in testing equipment commonly used in research and development and quality control, but also in automatization of abrasion and friction testers and viscoelasticity analyzers, as well as in joint development of testing equipment with customers.

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UESHIMA SEISAKUSHO enhances demo room facilities and provides experiments on contract for customers in order to provide better customer support and convenience.


  • Ultra Low-Teperature Brine Chiller UCL-9700 Series

    Ultra Low-Teperature Brine Chiller UCL-9700 Series

    It adopts dual freezing method with the abundant experience and results in a material testing machine and realizes -70 degrees Celsius. It is the all-in-one type that had a pump built-in by a compact layout. It can work at once in case of connection of AC200V power, cooling water and brine.

  • Cooling Gas Generator, THERMO JETTER ULG-9000 Series

    Cooling Gas Generator, THERMO JETTER ULG-9000 Series

    It is the dry cooling gas generator which adopted a new cooling method to enable an examination of the room that does not need large-scale frozen facilities without using liquid nitrogen to -120 degrees below zero.


Specialist of a fluid control part accelerating the flow
to the future of the field of advanced technology which continues evolving.

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JAT’s fluid control parts made by fluoric resin are widely used in the fields such as a semiconductor,
liquid crystal, chemical industry, medical equipment, food-related industry.


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