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Corporate philosophy

1.Through consultation and rational judgment, we will clarify "objectives" and "targets" and determine specific policies,

2. To transform the experience and knowledge of individual employees from "tacit knowledge" to "formal knowledge," and to "share" and "pass on" this knowledge,

3. Through repeated in-house testing using the company's own testing equipment,

4. We will identify the limitations and possibilities of current equipment and deepen our knowledge of "material testing",

5, With the cooperation of external organizations, we will accurately grasp the needs of users and society,

6, We will develop, improve, and pioneer products, and provide better products to users in a speedy manner,

7, After delivery, we will continue to support and improve our products by

    (1) Improvement of the utilization rate of the testing equipment of the user.

    (2) Avoidance of differences in test results among test administrators.

8, Contribute to the development of users and society as a whole, as well as to the growth of our company and employees.

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