Gehman Torsion Tester

Model : Model:TM-2500 Series

  • Rubber and Plastics
  • Low Temperature Properties

Rubber that has flexible elasticity at room temperature becomes inactive in molecular motion at low temperatures and gradually hardens, and freezes below the glass-transition temperature (Tg), making it impossible to perform the original functions of rubber. This phenomenon has a significant impact on practical use, such as tires used in extremely cold regions and parts of aircraft flying in the stratosphere. The Gehman torsion tester measures the modulus of rubber with such properties at low temperatures, and the test method is adopted in JIS K6261-3 and ISO 1432.

  • It is possible to measure up to 6 test pieces, and as recommended by JIS K6261-3, test pieces with known low-temperature torsional stiffness can be tested at the same time, so highly reliable data can be obtained.

  • Graphs of measurement data obtained on the display screen are temperature-apparent torsional modulus as well as temperature-torsional angle curves.

  • In addition to the temperature for each relative modulus value defined by JIS from the temperature-torsion angle curve, the glass transition temperature (Tg), which is an important parameter indicating the low temperature characteristics of rubber, is also obtained with the Gehman torsion tester.

  • The compact design allows installation in a small space, so it does not take up space.


 Main Screen


 Test Setup Screen


 Sequence Screen


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型式 TM-2535 TM-2536
Cooling Method Refrigerator Dry Ice
Applicable Standard JIS K6261-3, ISO 1432
Number of Samples 6 (simultaneous measurement)
Temp. Range -70°C to RT(23°C±2°C)
Temp. Rising Every 5°C (kept at each set temp. for 5 min.)
Temp. Control PID controlled digital temperature controller, sensor PT100Ω
Heat Transfer Medium Ethanol
Temperature display

0.1 ℃ detection digital display

(Displayed on the PC display during test measurement)

Torsion Angle Setting

Rotary encoder, minimum angle display: 0.36°

Data Processing

Data (glass transition temp. Tg) display


Graph (temp. – torsion angle curve, temp. – apparent torsion modulus curve)


Filing (data, test conditions, PID setting)

Release of torsion wire


Safety Device Emergency stop switch, leakage breaker, overheat protector
Power Supply

200VAC, 3 phases, 30A, 50/60Hz

(100VAC for PC) 

200VAC, 3 phases, 20A, 50/60Hz

(100VAC for PC) 

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